Re-branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Publication Design, Editorial design, Print Design, eNewsletter Design

Client: alive Publishing Group

Project objectives:  To rebrand and refresh the alive@work booklet and eNewsletter. 

Design solution: After reviewing our alive@work materials, I decided it would benefit from a more refined, relevant, serious, trustworthy, authentic and genuine visual aesthetic. I achieved this by using updated fonts, a more sophisticated color palette, and replacing the hard edged vector images and graphics with photos of real people and real situations and more softer illustrations. With regards to the content, I worked with our sales director and digital editor to update the language to be more direct and to focus on what it is, the product benefits and current success, the gap in the market, and why its advantageous. 

Once the print design was moving forward, I designed all of the digital assets needed for the eNewsletter, including the header and all of the icons for each section of the article. This icon article are updated monthly to reflect the content in the article.

Deliverables: A revised alive@work brand including a booklet to support the sales team and a revamp of the eNewsletter that is emailed out to our clients monthly.

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