Re-branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Digital design

Client: alive Publishing Group

Project objectives:  To bring education and awareness around zero waste by engaging and growing  our community and audiences through a month long zero waste challenge.

Design solution:  As a way to engage and empower our digital audiences, I suggested we work on a social zero waste challenge that would align with a zero waste feature that was published in our January issue of alive Canada. I worked with our editor to tweak the magazine content and have 31 actionable zero waste tips  that would be posted every day during the month of January to show that working towards zero waste didn’t have to be a big feat or undertaking and could be done one step at at time. To further engage and interact with our audience and staff, we challenged them to share with us at least one zero waste swap or change they could commit to and tag us on social using the hashtag #alivezerowate. To round off the campaign, an eco friendly prize pack was up for grabs and each post or story would count as an entry. 

To drive more traffic to our website,  we offered a free downloadable resource; a 31 Day Zero Waste plan with tips and swap ideas. This campaign was very well received with hundreds of entries, lots of positive DM’s and over 350 downloads of our 31 Day Zero Waste plan.

Deliverables:  A designed campaign and digital assets for social media, a downloadable verision of the 31 Day Zero Waste plan.

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