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Client: The Learning Centre (TLC) at KPU

Project objectives: To design a new creative platform with a consistent visual language formed by a family of colors, fonts and image styles.

Design solution: I was tasked to create a brochure for The Learning Centre and in looking through older materials quickly realized there was no consistent visual language for this service department. Particularly because they are student facing, I shared my concerns about their current materials and suggested we create a new visual language for them that is bright, bold and most importantly, consistent.

Using bright strips of colors; green, blue, red and orange always paired with either black or white, our corporate font; Source Sans Pro and Palatino, shorter and student centered language, and a photographs showcasing happy groups of students engaged in learning, I created a new style that was easily recognizable and relatable to the students.

The department was pleased with their cohesive visual style and it was reported that student engagement and use of The Learning Centre resources increased by about 12% over a four month period after the new look was launched. Students reported clarity in The Learning Centres materials and being able to easily differentiate their programs and services from others offered at the University, whereas before they couldn’t tell, as well as a spiked confidence and trust in The Learning Centres quality of services based on the way their promotional materials looked.

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