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Client: Self initiated project for my MA, The forgotten ones

Project objectives: To create a large format foldable handout that presents the facts about poverty in British Columbia and in Vancouver specifically.The main focus of this handout to inform the public of the root of poverty and why the problem is getting worse as well as some next steps they can take to participate in and try to drive change.

Design solution: There’s a stereotypical relationship with newspapers and homeless people, in that they use it for more practical purposes such as shelter from the rain rather than reading it whereas for the mainstream public use it as a source of information. This is why I decided that the piece take the form of a broadside; it brings a duality to the project in terms of a newspapers form and function.

The information presented takes shape in two different forms; in paragraph form and in a statistical form with icons and very short descriptions. I wanted to appeal to the wider demographic of viewers that have various preference in the  paces and style of their information and consumption (leisurely vs quickly, text vs visual).

The handout had soft textures that pop through the background images which were comprised photographs of newspapers that I took and photo-shopped.I used grunge borders and textures to create dimension and grit to the background and illustrations and sketches of the city to symbolize the concrete jungle that we all live within. For the colors, I wanted something very dramatic and bold to add a serious tone to the handout and liven it up. I felt that the black and the yellow were a good contrasting combination and worked well in bringing drama and commanding attention.

Deliverables: A foldable broadside sized at 29×23.


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