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Client: Luv the Grub is a social enterprise that rescues bruised and bumped produce from the landfill, used the making of jams and chutney while offering paid employment and training for women with barriers to employment.

Project objectives: My goal was to create a visual identity that people could relate to and understand and that spreads Luv the Grubs mission of eliminating food waste. I wanted to visually reflect Luv the Grubs brand values and personality across various design platforms including brand identity, stationery, product label/packaging and promotional materials. These brand and promotional materials would then be used to create awareness, launch sales and gain entry into the market.

Design Solution: I created a brand that focuses on fresh local food while being eco conscious and eliminating food waste. My design process was informed by research (competitive analysis, market and industry research, and community feedback). I created a icon based logo that mimicked the heart shape and imperfect fruit, representing the rescued produce and to demonstrate the care and love behind the initiative. The icon and colors would change based on the product. I drew patterns for the labels, which represented simplified and imperfect versions of the produce.

Through the font, color scheme, patterns and iconography, the brand portrays a modern, fun and fresh take on sustainability and speaks to the community oriented citizen with an interest and in love for gourmet fresh food and produce.

Deliverables: Brand platform/Identity, logos, patterns, brand identity guide, product labels, stationery, apparel, trade show materials and a canvas tote.

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