Graphic Design, Advertising, Tagline Development, Event Materials, Campaign Development, Vehicle Wrap


Client: KPU Marketing Services and the President’s Office

Project objectives: We decided to launch this contest as an opportunity to introduce our new corporate brand, logo and creative platform and create buzz around the chance to win a new Smartfortwo car.

Design solution: Winning the car was central to the success of the campaign and a perfect opportunity to show off our new brand platform so I worked to design a vehicle wrap incorporating all of the key elements of our new brand identity (including our new color palette, typography, logo and taglines).

Along with the swagged out vehicle, we ran a six week print and digital campaign to create awareness about the contest. I was responsible for coming up with the campaign/contest name, the tag lines and all of the creative for all of the promotional materials including banners, signage, the vehicle wrap, stickers, posters, postcards, transit and print ads, swag and web and Facebook ads. This contest attracted a lot of attention, generated a lot of traffic on our site and enrolment was up by 10% in the fall right after we launched this campaign.

Deliverables: Vehicle wrap artwork, tagline development, print campaign materials (posters, flyers, handouts, stickers, web and facebook ads, signage


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