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KPU Convocation Committee

Project objectives: To formalize and regalize convocation with the creation of a program and finding a new way to celebrate award recipients showcasing outstanding academic achievement. At that time, there was only a single page folded program that would be available at the ceremony and a medal was presented to the award recipients that could be worn around their neck.

Design solution: Convocation is a time of celebration, commemoration, reflection and new beginnings so for the student awards,and after doing some research on the presentation and aesthetics of awards, I decided it would be more fitting to celebrate student achievements with a keepsake they could hang on their walls. There were two types of awards I had to design; President’s Award medals and the President’s Outstanding Graduate award certificate. For the medal awards, I worked on a few sketches and after sourcing several quotes from local framing companies, I found one that I could collaborate with on this project. We worked together to bring my sketches to life and created an shadow box style President’s Award medal for each faculty.

In addition to designing the President’s award medals, I was tasked by my director and the convocation committee to create a certificate to recognize students with outstanding academic achievement on behalf of the President from KPU. Our budget was less for these certificates so I worked with our internal printer to utilize a die of our formal Convocation logo and had it embossed in silver on the certificate. This piece was framed as well and awarded in conjunction with the President’s Awards Medal.

I worked to create a formal multi-paged program that would be available to all the guests attending convocation. I researched what other universities did as well and conducted some visual research on the format and look of various programs before working through various iterations of the program we utilize today.

Deliverables: President’s award medals, President’s Outstanding Graduate award certificate, Convocation program

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