Logo Design, Illustration


Client: KPU Brewing & Brewery Operations

Project Objectives: With the launch of the new brewing program, this department wanted to create a logo to create awareness about their program to help build upon their credibility, differentiating themselves from other brewing programs and build trust within the community and in the marketplace.  

Design Solution: They were very clear with elements they wanted in the visual mark; it needed to incorporate hops of some sort and a glass if possible as well as the text, KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations. We went through many iterations and in each I tried a variety of logos with modern and more traditional elements to illustrate the tradition of beer making with the modernity of the program and the technology that KPU offers. The four logos show below are some of my favorite initial concepts because they best visually portray the essence of the KPU Brewing program.

We haven’t been able to move forward because the project was put on hold, but I wanted to share the work that I put in to create some strong concepts for the department.

Deliverables: Logo design

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