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Client: Self initiated project for my MA, Foodcube

Project objectives: The main goal of the Foodcube project is to educate and empower the marginalized populations of society on the areas around health, diet, nutrition, food budgeting and shopping and meal preparation. This initiative also strived to make fresh produce more available, convenient and affordable; creating a real viability to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Design solution: There’s a staggering amount of research suggesting an overall lack of information and awareness with basic cooking, storing, and preserving skills needed to prepare fresh foods within many low-income communities and a strong correlation between nutritional knowledge and healthy eating or dietary quality. Knowing the relationship between food knowledge and healthy eating habits, I wanted to use Foodcube as a way to build and promote a healthy eating literacy campaign targeting individuals on a budget in order to reduce the deficit between knowledge and eating habits.

Food literacy helps empower the individual and develops an ownership over the food they prepare and serve in their kitchen. It builds the connection between nutrition and diet and leads to more positive health outcomes, promoting environmental sustainability due to the lack of food waste and eating closer to home. I came up with six main pillars of food literacy that would best serve and help my demographic:

  • Nutrition knowledge
  • Food storage, safety, and hygiene
  • Basic food preparation and meal planning skills
  • Food budgeting skills
  • Navigating a grocery store to make healthy and economical food choices including label reading and how to stock a pantry
  • Knowledge of where food comes from (food origins, seasonality of food)

Accessibility and access is another major issue, inhibiting people from being able to make better food choices. Foodcube would launch a community vehicle that functions as a mobile market, education space and community kitchen. The Foodcube market would create a unique of shopping environment providing an opportunity to connect with fellow residents and community members.

Foodcube is a dynamic identity where the logo shifts and transforms through various patterns, textures and colors to visually communicate food and seasonal information to its audience. Four arrow shapes make up a part of the logo, symbolizing parts of whole coming together. Each arrow point possesses a different color, representing one of the four food groups. It was important the logo visually encompass characteristics of the food group it represented, so I experimented with prints of various foods using acrylic paint.

Seven colors make up the brand palette, red, orange, green, blue, magenta, yellow and grey. I chose a bold and evocative palette to capture the readers attention and evoke a sense of spontaneity and fun; contrasting the seriousness of the subject. The fonts that constitute the brand are Gibson, chosen for its humanistic sans serif features and geometric shape, and Market, for its casual, handwritten style.

Several hand drawn symbols act as graphical devises that contribute to the visual identity. These characters helped balance the seriousness of the content with their playful and free style; helping the reader be more receptive. The pictograms are another graphical device bringing personality and character to the information. In addition to adding to the visual language, they’re intended to visually portray the subject matter being discussed and convey a meaning quickly and effectively.

I wanted to capture a certain authenticity and genuineness through the visual language to convey a brand personality that was energetic and approachable, friendly, bold, strong and trustworthy, with a spontaneous and fun vibe to level out the weightiness of the subject.

Deliverables: The deliverables I worked on were a logo and a visual identity, a print campaign for food literacy, a mobile market vehicle wrap, and a social media plan.

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