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Client: Backpack Buddies (a local non-profit that works tirelessly to alleviate child hunger, particularly within the school system).

Project objectives: A brochure or handout that they could leave with potential donors that explained who they were, what they were about and what need they served in the community.

Design solution: Since they already had a logo they were happy with, my work included massaging their messaging and establishing a more consistent and cohesive brand platform, including fonts, a color palette and iconography.

I designed a tri-fold handout used to promote the non-profit and explain their work and purpose. In doing so, started to think about the important role donors played and their process and the experience in being a part of the cause. This led me to develop the interface of a donor app to streamline the donation process and allow the opportunity for the donor to choose how they wanted to be involved.

The goal was to create an engaging experience that provided choice and ownership in how they contributed and to help them feel valued and show how their support was making a real impact. This project created a great opportunity to for me to think about branding and promotions from a donor perspective.

Deliverables: A brochure and a donor app

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